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Raw Materials We Use

Coarse Aggregate

We use best quality coarse aggregate of Bholagonj origin from Sylhet. Both 20 mm & 12 mm downgraded stone chips are transported from Sylhet regularly through our own fleet of 30 district trucks. We also have the facility to crush boulder by crusher machine at Ashulia & Gazipur. Only the best quality aggregates are permitted to use after clearance from our experienced inspection team.

 Fine Aggregate

 Coarse Sand of Sunamgonj & Sherpur origin having the Fineness Modulus above 2.5 are procured regularly for use in RMC.


 PCC or OPC Cement from reputed multinational brands like Cemex, Heidelberg, Holcim, Seven Circle etc & established locals brands are used.


 Chemicals of FOSROC & BASF brands with super plasticizing & retarding ability are used.


Potable water (drinking quality) collected through submersible pump is used.